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3 6 07 Tuesday - Tuesday March 6 2007 Schedule Calling Duty...

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007 Schedule: Calling, Duty, Ethos, Mentality; “meaningful concept of life and conduct” ; methodical way of life; Deep probe into the nature of Capitalism Assignment: Read- The Essential Weber: Part I: 2, 3, 4 Part II: 11, 12 Marx: material life, evolution of production systems Weber: Organization and Power; Belief Essay: you do not have to answer all these questions, they are designed to get you to think in certain channels. Pick big ones. Just be aware of that when you structure your essay. If you want to write your own question and use it as basis of your essay, you can do that, but you need to show it to me. This is not a research paper. This is an analytical thought piece. You can cite other things you know, but I would not do research. There is an 8 page minimum (if you give me 7 that is okay), pref. 1.5 space. I will not read drafts, but I will listen to you read to me an introduction, you can bring me an outline. Don’t do footnotes pref. (if you are doing something from class lecture notes, just cite in parentheses). I want to know from you, not from other sources. Weber- wants multi causal explanations and talks a lot about rationalism. We are going to be textual analysis in the interest of looking toward larger explanaitions. What had developed here, a clearly defined a “meaningful concept of life and condut” how to make your life have meaning in the world and “ the idea off methodical way of life” or as you call it inner worldly asceticism. Weber is very good at understanding what system is and how it works. Weber believes that capitalism has always existed and its not a new system. We know that marx is very interested in material life determines how you see the world and we know he is very interested in evolution of production systems. These are things that weber understands but its different. He is interested in how people organize and power base relations. Belief and ethical systems are very important as a way to encourage certain life and conduct in world. All religious systems: Confucionism, Hinduism, Islam etc. these encourage a “proper” way to behave. Treat others equally, etc. ethical systems are created and are slightly different and encourage “proper” behavior. There are many
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3 6 07 Tuesday - Tuesday March 6 2007 Schedule Calling Duty...

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