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2 20 07 Tuesday - Tuesday Schedule Beyond Marx 1 World...

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007 Schedule: Beyond Marx? 1) World System 2) The reality of Capitalisms (cultural factor) Missed a bit of class earlier. Ask for notes in t There are elements of industrial policy in the American economy. US, market oriented, state regulation, industrial policy, NIH, Subsisdary and DOD. US. Model: Industrial policy is practiced heavily in japan in general it is frowned upon but it occurs.America has very complex political system which effects other societies. Each state has local government and people with ability to spend and tax. Very complex system of regulation and economic behaviour. There are several points of entry through the system, usually through law. Lots of emphasis on anti-trust and competition policy (encourage competition) and weak welfare state. Tramendous emphasis on opportunity and on inequality. Major debate going on on why wages are stagnant. What is happening is technological unemployment, industrial jobs are disappearing, skill based jobs are more needed. Lot of inequality is probably technology driven. And a lot of older people don’t learn them and retire early. Of all the industrial societies America is the immigrant society. Immigrants come to America seeking opportunity. If you take snapshot in economy it has fairly high level of poverty, but if you look at that overgeneration lot of people rising at least to lower middle class. Government role is minimal in this country. Japanese Model (developmental capitalism model): Pretty mature society. Japan has been stagnant. Japan is premire example of trading state, export, very little emphasis on government regulating behavior (laws), this is society built on harmony and cooperation. (Americans like conflict). This model copied through out east asia (Taiwan, Singapore etc). much emphasis on industrial policy (on infant companies), stress on exports and technology. Weakness: weak welfare state (they are
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2 20 07 Tuesday - Tuesday Schedule Beyond Marx 1 World...

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