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2 6 07 Tuesday - Tuesday I"Species-being A Marx insists...

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2/05/07 Tuesday I. “Species-being” A. Marx insists that human beings are unique 1. Animals such as beavers and bees create in a systematic way 2. Human beings engaged in conscious life activity a. To achieve work and freedom (labor = freedom) 1). Labor makes us unique from other animals and is a projection of our creativity a). Sports, musical instrument, etc. are all forms of labors that makes us unique and separates us from other animals b. Pg. 42 1). “…enables him to see himself in a world that he has created…” 2). “Tearing away occurs where people’s labor is tore away from themselves. ..” – what we could be and how we are made different II. A commodity A. Pg. 63 (first full paragraph): “A commodity appears at first sight a very trivial thing and easily understood… It is as clear as noon day, that man, by his industry… the form of wood, for example, is altered by making a table out of it…” 1. After something is created, it becomes a commodity, and when it is brought to the market, it becomes a different thing abounding in metaphysical property a. Human beings creates that becomes commodities that are traded 1). This commodity comes to take on a life of its own B. Pg. 64 (2 nd Paragraph): “The existence of things as commodities…” 1. The creations of human endeavor becomes independent things with a life of its own 2. Classic case: Shaker Furniture a. Shaker is a religious sect 1). Utopian kind of community b. Beautiful craftsmanship that are stable and not duplicable c. Incredibly valuable and rare – people can identify them 1). But there is nothing really valuable about them, they are just hard wood!!! And there are hundreds of them around~ a). Exactly what Marx means!! Shaker table takes on a metaphysical reality (when put onto the market) that you can hardly imagine, taking on a life of its own!
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2 6 07 Tuesday - Tuesday I"Species-being A Marx insists...

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