2 8 07 Thursday - 2/8/07 Thursday I. Theory of History A....

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2/8/07 Thursday I. Theory of History A. How Marx constructed the Theory of History 1. Most human society was hunting and gathering societies a. Most of the activity involves actual gathering b. Move around over the course of the year 1). Some social surplus, but not much a). Primitive level of technology Don’t want to kill that many deer because if you can’t eat it and can’t preserve it, it will go bad 2. Agricultural Revolution – first major change in social history; along with it came the growth of animal husbandry (reproducing and taming animals in captivity) a. Rotating crops over time etc… can grow potato now! b. At this point, large amounts of population can live in one place 3. Industrial Revolution – second major change in history; occurred during the shifting of the modes of production a. Capitalism develops b. What is Industrial Revolution? 1). Characteristics (Why did it evolve? How is it different?) – the prime characteristics a). Increase of inanimate uses of energy Animal base energy of Agricultural Revolution (ex. horses etc.) turned inanimate (ex. steam engine, coal, etc.) b). Machine based mass production technology Actually produce items better than that made by hand in mass quantities The supplanting of human labor by machines does not mean that human craft is disappearing c). Eclipse of cottage industry The way people live changed from farming etc. to city life BIG CHANGE – centralized production d). Ray of goods produced, both industrial goods and material goods increased e). Economy of Scale If I have a spinning loom, it is better for me to produce more than less; cheaper to mass produce than not Prices drop f). Scientific Inquiry into the Laws of Nature was spurred on by the
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2 8 07 Thursday - 2/8/07 Thursday I. Theory of History A....

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