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Tuesday, February 13, 2007 >> Schedule >> 1 Labor and Surplus Value >> 2 Capital and Capitalism >> 3 A world beyond Marx? >> Assignment >> Read: Max Weber The protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism >> >> 1 “The Protestant Sects” p127 >> 2 Prefatory Remarks (This is the intro to book) p 149 >> 3 Protestant ethic part I pp3-50 >> >> Confluence of events which propelled history to future. The key word in >> all this history is the speeding up factor. Things got quicker. The way >> human beings manipulated the earth completely altered their lives and >> they >> way people lived on earth. As we know marx is an evolutionary thinker >> you’ve got to have successful production producing some level of surplus >> in order for this to work. Page 181 meaning- talking about the way in >> which productive forces have to reach a level of success to clear the >> way >> beyond capitalism and leading to bright future of communism aka end of >> history. There will be a new order, but to get to that you need to have >> successful production systems, think about our old model (the step >> climbing), you’ve got to have one system built on the other, you cannot >> go >> from feudalism to communism like Russia- marx would say that is complete >> failure, they had to have gone through capitalism. If you try to build >> society on poor production where you don’t have enough surplus, it will >> just mean want is merely made general. Instead of some people having a >> lot >> and most people having little, most people will having little. You went >> from feudal small scale society to build a revolution without having >> industrial base. You need to be up with high level of productivity. >> Marx >> is envitably an evolutionary thinker- one form of society has to follow >> another, you MUST go through all the steps. There are structural >> tendancies driving us this way, enevitably the system is going to crack. >> >> Marx spent a good part of his time on the Das Kapital working on problem >> of surplus value and problems with labor. >>
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>> Labor and Surplus Value >> Marx believes that if you try to examine the way in which this new >> system >> of productions works, you have to understand the unique place that labor >> occupies in it. He does this in an argument- that there is enevitably >> surplus value or profit that are extracted from wage earners. In this >> new >> capitalist society the rising class are workers. marx wants to phrase >> this >> in a more exact way, just like there were rising slave class, or surfs >> etc. bourgese are owners of capital. Those who sell their labor in >> exchange for payment. There labor could be-physical, mental or combo.
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2 13 07 Tuesday - Tuesday > Schedule > 1 Labor and Surplus...

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