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1/25/07 Thursday HW: Read Marx 19 , 22, 23, 24 , 25, 26 , 27, 28, 29, 30 , 31, 32, 33 I. Last time A. Left on with examples about human nature II. Karl Marx 1818-1883 (34 years in London) A. Biography 1. Spent a third of his life in London 2. Journalist in Russia, revolutionary, left Russia and left for London and supported himself through journalism 3. Supported by Frederick Engels a. Engels inherited a family business (cotton/woolen manufacturing firm) 1). Ran large mills in Manchester and became very interested in the conditions of the workers b. Capitalist/revolutionist 4. Died in March 1883, actually a good place to start our discussion a. Buried in Highgate Cemetery 1). Many Victorian symbolism b. Engel gave funeral oration B. Questions and Approaches 1. How he saw the course of history 2. Four big questions we will see later: a. What larger forces are shaping society? What is determining where society is going? 1). Marx is interested in structural, not individual b. How does power play into this? c. Where does belief come from? d. Where is history going? C. Engels Eulogy – gave at Marx’s death; 18 th of March 1. Workers of the world have lost a tremendous spokesmen 2. ***Just as Darwin discovered the law of development of organic nature, so Marx discovered the law of human history a. How people produce and reproduce their existence is the historical reality of human development b. The law of surplus value (the way profit is extracted from workers) is one of the keys of how history unfolds 3. Celebrated Marx as Darwin of human history, “as a man of science” a. We find an archaic believe in the human ability to reshape the world based on reason 1). Marx is the last spokesman for this b. In that sense, Marx is the last man for Enlightenment D. The Many Faces of Marx 1. Marx took walks, and said that they always reminded him of the world he lived in and the people that makes up the world
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2. Unbending historical materialist – how we see the world comes from the material circumstances that we live under – human beings are shaped by the labor 3. How do we approach Marx? He is tough! a. Bird’s eye view – big picture (terminology and big ideas)
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1 25 07 Thursday - Thursday HW Read 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30...

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