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1 30 07 Tuesday - Tuesday I Conceptual Overview A...

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1/30/07 Tuesday I. Conceptual Overview A. Dialectics (method) 1. Initially a method to understand human interaction, but becomes a way history is interpreted 2. Built on conflict that resolves in some kind of synthesis a. Thesis – antithesis – synthesis 3. Master and servant inter-relationship creates a new reality 4. Marx applies this to how history unfolds a. Basis of dialectics evolves into what Marx calls the “Dialectical Materialism” b. Marx believes that all societies are governed by some degree by class conflict; whether or not the people in the society are aware of it B. Alienation (separation) 1. Alienation is central to Marx’s idea 2. Means some kind of separation a. Marx is an essentialist – he believes that there is a core essential human nature which makes us what we are 1). Involves people’s needs to use their brain, hands, and intelligence to reshape and refreshing the world. 2). Everything is created by humans a). The way we interact in the world to reshape it influences how we see the world and how we see our lives b). Essential nature – we are made to labor c). Marx glorified human labor 3). The essence of what makes us is our ability to reshape our environment a). Marx also interested in other animals that can do the same thing: beavers etc. b). BUT humans do this tremendously different and in a tremendously large scale There is a human nature that have essentialism, creativity, and community Alienation results – we are separated from our true selves If there is a whole human being, we become sliced and
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1 30 07 Tuesday - Tuesday I Conceptual Overview A...

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