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-1 Steven Beltre December 7, 2007 Jimi Hendrix Report When it comes to music, many of us have one particular artist that has made an immense amount of contribution to our lives. Whether they are alive or dead, these artist is what make society today. Music, to many, is what gets them up their feet and revive their day. The melody and rhythm of music comes behind the artist that has brought such music to life. Knowing about a particular background of an artist is what defines the character that these artist portray in their music. Driving down the road, I hear several types of music, enjoying the every movement that the songs brings out. Music defines passion, and passion is love. The love that these artist put into their music is what makes them inspirational and remarkable to others. Jimi Hendrix is one of many names that I hear till this day. I recall watching the Disney Channel and remembering an interview that they had made with the children. One of the interviewers ask a kid who was their favorite rock star of all time. The name Jimi
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