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CHIN422FinalExamReview(2) - Final Exam Review CHIN 422...

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Final Exam Review – CHIN 422 – Spring 2007 This file contains 40 quiz and midterm questions that were given over the semester. Eight them will be used on the final exam in addition to two other questions that are not on this list. You should refer to the answers you have given on the previous quizzes. For some of them, you have new knowledge that you can use to answer the questions. Thus, there may be new ways to answer questions or at least new ways to explain the phenomena. We will review these together in the last week before the final. (1) Look at the following three phrases in Chinese. What is the common syntactic characteristic of all three, and what grammatical rule can be posited? h , h h , h h (2) Describe in a couple of sentences the characteristics of measure words/classifiers in Chinese. Provide examples as needed. (3) Look at the following examples, and note the unacceptable sample marked by an asterisk. Describe the general rule regarding the following examples. h , h , h , , *h (4) Circle the correctly ordered noun phrase, and then write a sentence or two that describe the correct order of words in these noun phrases. You must mention the parts of speech to do so. h (5) Translate the Chinese sentence into English. Then, underline the relative clause and circle the head noun in the noun phrase. s D F 2 U (6) Consider the following sentences. Translate the correct ones into English on the right side. Then, state in one or two sentences what the sentences tell us about the use of h in combination with h . ** 6 (7) Look at the following sentences. In a couple of sentences, comment on the differences between the two types of adjectives and the sentence patterns in the samples. Note specifically the incorrect sample marked with asterisks. 2 2 **h h h h h h h (8) First, translate each of the following sentences beneath them. Then, in one or two sentences, describe the difference between the two grammatical uses of the words in bold print. h h h h h h h h h h h 2
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(9) In a couple of sentences, describe the overall organization of Chinese sentences, with reference to the different grammatical portions in them, according to the following data. Note the ungrammatical samples as well. 5 2 ** 5 2 ** ** (10) Circle the letters of the two correct sentences. Then, in a couple of sentences, describe the rule(s) that explain(s) the data. Note the characteristics of the relevant verb types. a.
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CHIN422FinalExamReview(2) - Final Exam Review CHIN 422...

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