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Econ300 First Midterm Exam Spring 2008 version A This exam consists of 25 multiple choice questions. The maximum duration of the exam is 50 minutes. 1. In the spaces provided on the scantron, write your last name, then your first name, and also be sure to include university identification number. 2. Also fill in the bubbles below your name and id number. 3. Write your name here: ______________________________________ 4. In the “special codes” section of the scantron under “K” write the letter A 5. DO NOT OPEN this exam booklet until you are told to do so and STOP writing when you are told that the exam is over. Failure to comply will result in a 10% loss in the grade. 6. You MUST return this exam booklet with the scantron; otherwise no credit will be awarded. 7. Only the answers you provide on the scantron will be counted towards your grade. But you may also want to record your answers on this booklet, since it will be returned to you next week. 8. Please make sure you have use dark pencil marks to indicate your answer; the scantron reader may not give you credit for an answer if it can’t detect it. 10. Choose the single best possible answer for each question. You are responsible for upholding the University of Maryland Honor Code while taking this exam. ECON300 first midterm Page 1 of 6 28 February 2008
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