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Socrates on “All Men Desire Good Things” ( Meno 77c – 78b) Let’s first take a coarse-grained view of this argument. [a] Socrates claims that all men desire good things . How does he intend to argue for this claim? Indirectly; that is, by refuting its “opposite”, which he takes to be the claim that some (men) desire bad things (77c). If that latter claim is false, Socrates seems to think, then his original claim is true. [b] So Socrates assumes , for refutation (reductio ad absurdum), that some desire bad things . His next step is to divide those who (allegedly) desire bad things into two groups. Group 1 : those who believe the bad things to be good; and Group 2 : those who know the bad things to be bad (77c). He then treats these groups very differently. [c] With respect to Group 1 he argues that they do desire good things after all. The argument for this is in the one paragraph around 77e. [d]
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