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A Defense of Mind-Body Dualism Your task was to argue against one of the premises of the Anti-Dualist argument: 1. Human minds can interact with human bodies. 2. If Dualism is true, then human minds cannot interact with human bodies. Therefore, 3. Dualism is not true [a] Some of you might want to remember, for next time, to read the assignment more carefully. When you’re done with a first draft, reread the assignment and check whether in your paper you do things I explicitly told you not to do. If so, you have to make changes. Apparently some of you did not heed the following items on the assignment: Do not give an argument for Dualism; Do not give a list of brief objections with a comment or two on each. [b] Note that the problem of interaction is a problem for Dualism in general; it thus goes deeper than the debate between Union and Cartesian Dualists. Your paper should not get into that debate; it’s not directly relevant to your task.
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