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Midterm Review - Chapter 1 Management management getting...

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management : getting work done through others = effectiveness : accomplishing tasks that help fulfill organizational objectives efficiency : getting work done with a minimum of effort, expense, or waste Management Functions : planning : determining organizational goals and a means for achieving them meta-analysis : (in hiring ) a study of studies , a statistical approach that provides one of the best scientific estimates of how well management theories and practices work organizing : deciding where decisions will be made , who will do what jobs and tasks, and who will work for whom leading : inspiring and motivating workers to work hard to achieve organizational goals controlling : monitoring progress toward goal achievement and taking corrective action when needed Kind Of Managerss : team leaders : managers responsible for facilitating team activities toward goal accomplishment first-line managers : train and supervise the performance of nonmanagerial employees who are directly responsible for producing the company's products or services i.e. office, departmental; shift supervisor middle managers : responsible for setting objectives consistent with top management's goals and for planning and implementing subunit strategies for achieving these objectives i.e. plant, regional, divisional top managers : executives responsible for the overall direction of the organization i.e. CE/F/O(perating)/I(nformation)/O Managerial Roles Informational : disseminator : share information with others in their departments or companies monitor : scan their environment for information spokesperson : share information with people outside their departments or companies Decisional : disturbance handler : respond to severe problems that demand immediate action entrepreneur : adapt themselves, their subordinates, and their units to incremental change negotiator : negotiate scheds, projects, goals, outcomes, resources, and employee raises resource allocator : decide who gets what resources Interpersonal : figurehead : perform ceremonial duties leader : motivate and encourage workers to accomplish organizational objectives liaison : deal with people outside their units Comparnies Look for : technical skills : ( team leaders ) the ability to apply the specialized procedures, techniques, and knowledge required to get the job done human skills : the ability to work well with others conceptual skills : ( top mgrs ) the ability to see the organization as a whole , understand how the different parts affect each other , and recognize how the company fits into or is affected by its environment motivation to manage : ( top mgrs ) an assessment of how enthusiastic employees are about managing the work of others Mistakes Managers Make : insensitive, cold/aloof/arrogant, betray trust, overly ambitious; specific performance problems w/ business, overmanaging, unable to staff/ think effectively/ strategically Transition in First Year : authoritarian approach communication, listening, pos reinforcement
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Midterm Review - Chapter 1 Management management getting...

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