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Essay Questions - Chapter 8: Globalization 1. what is...

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Chapter 8: Globalization 1. what is global business ?: buying/ selling of goods/ services by people from different countries 2. global business direct foreign investment co builds new business/ buys existing business in a foreign country 3. barriers to trade : tariff : nontariff : quota/ gov import standard ( customs clarification), voluntary export restraints, subsidies 4 . major trade agreements : GATT (now WTO) regional: Maastricht (Eur), NAFTA/CAFTA (N/C Am), FTAA (N/S Am), APEC/ASEAN (Asia) 5. global consistency : same rules, guidelines, policies, procedures local adaptation : modify ^ to adapt to foreign customers, govs, reg agencies 6. phase model of globalization: exporting, cooperative contracts (licensing, franchise), strategic alliances (joint venture), wholly owned affiliates 7. phase model of globalization/ global new ventures : co founded w/ active global strat 8. choose global location : purchasing power, political/ policy uncertainty 9. Hofstede’s dimensions of national culture : power distance, individualism, masculine/femininity, uncertainty avoidance, short/long-term orientation 10. prepare expatriates : language/cross-cultural training: documentary training, simulation, field experiences consideration of spouse, family, dual-career issues: adaptability screening, intercultural training Chapter 9: Designing Adaptive Organizations 1. organizational structure : vertical/ horizontal configuration of depts., authority, jobs organizational process : collection of activities that transform inputs outputs 2. departmentalization , (+), (-) functional, product, customer, geographic: specialization , cross-dept coordination matrix (usually product+functional, simple/complex): pool of resources 3. organizational authority : right to give commands, take action, make decisions to achieve org objectives 4 . job delegation manager: responsibility/authority subordinate: accountability manager 5. job specialization : economical- replace experienced workers w/ little productivity loss job rotation, enlargement (^tasks), enrichment (^authority) 6. job characteristics model internal motivation : from job itself (not outside rewards) 7. mechanistic organization : specialized, precisely defined, unchanging roles; centralized authority, vertical communication organic organization : broadly defined, frequently changing roles, decentralized authority, horizontal communication (based on task knowledge) 8. reengineering : task interdependence (pooled, sequential, reciprocal), empowering workers 9. formal workplace : routine/regimen, specific behavior rules, impersonal detachment informal workplace (open office systems, shared spaces): spontaneity, casualness, interpersonal
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Essay Questions - Chapter 8: Globalization 1. what is...

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