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Battle Plan - Detection of variations and mutations in...

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BIOS 11161- Olsen MSM Battle Plan Presenters : Courtney McVey, Jessica Spiewak, Peggy Chang, Melissa Harintho Animalia North Seminar Presentation Description : First, we will describe the need for the invention of PCR, its founder (Kary Mullis), and its general technique. Then, we will discuss its broader applications; specifically in the Human Genome Project and criminal justice, as a medical diagnostic tool, and in the field of Archeology. Outline : Introduction: Peggy Chang Need: practical, cost-effective medical biology technique History: 1983 Kary Mullis at Cetus Corporation Nobel Prize 1993 General Technique Applications: Human Genome Project Criminal Justice: Jessica Spiewak Famous cases (i.e. OJ Simpson) Controversy over credibility and limitations of technology (i.e. Kirk Bloodsworth) Medical diagnostic tool: Melissa Harintho Detection of infectious disease organisms (i.e. AIDS)
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Unformatted text preview: Detection of variations and mutations in genes Archeology: Courtney McVey Use in field of evolution (i.e. human groups) Resources : Lab 9 (Part A: Theory and Application of PCR for DNA Amplification) http://www.nhlcyberfamily.org/tests/pcr.htm http://opa.faseb.org/pdf/The%20Polymerase%20Chain%20Reaction.pdf http://nobelprize.org http://www.molecularstation.com/pcr http://users.ugent.be/~avierstr/principles/pcr.html http://karymullis.com http://www.ornl.gov/sci/techresources/Human_Genome/publicat/primer/pcr.html Questions : How much of the lab can be used in our presentation? Should we reference the lab every time it comes up in our presentation? What are you looking for in a conclusion? How many “transition slides” are recommended for a presentation of this length?...
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