07 - Intro to Art 13:35:00 ← Chapter 5 Who Makes Art ←...

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Unformatted text preview: Intro to Art 9/10/07 12/09/2007 13:35:00 ← Chapter 5: Who Makes Art? ← First test: Monday 9/17/07 ← 56 questions worth 2 points each ← ← Common misconceptions on who creates art: ←- "the genius makes art" ex: Michelangelo ←- artists are crazy, moody and emotional ←- myth: Michelangelo worked without help and had no prepatory work ←- Michelangelo is associated with supreme power, from his works we can see how he wants to be viewed ←-Michelangelo augmented his own myth, his image is a fabrication ← Who Makes Art? A lot of different people! For example, artists, musicians, architects (Question will be answered by the end) ← Great Pyramids, Mykerinos, Chefren Cheops 2500 BCE ←- pyramids made by Egyptians ← Verrocchio (DaVinci's teacher), Baptism of Christ 1472 ← Prime example of the apprentice system ←-DaVinci drew a part of the work but his area was more delicate and intricate and suffused with light ← Disadvantages of being an apprentice: ←- grunt work ←- their style is very similar to teacher ←- always being critiqued, not enough room for development ← Where are the great women artists?...
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07 - Intro to Art 13:35:00 ← Chapter 5 Who Makes Art ←...

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