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MuJz 100x Concert Report #1 Katie Cathcart Red Holloway’s 80 th Birthday Bash! On Wednesday, September 12, 2007 the Red Holloway Band played The Jazz Bakery in Culver City. They were the only act to perform that evening and played from about 8:30 to 11:00 pm that night. The group played remarkable soul sparking jazz for nearly two hours with only a half hour intermission break after the fifth song. The Bakery itself, a seated concert venue fashioned much like a multi-purpose room with a wooden vaulted ceiling, had wonderful acoustics and sound design that elevated the music the quintet jazz ensemble emitted. The venue was very modern and far removed from the smoky tables associated with the romantic idea of authentic jazz and yet the group was able to transport the audience into the club atmosphere with their lighthearted interaction and amazing virtuosity. With Red passionately playing both the Alto and Tenor Saxophones, special guest Donald Harrison punishing another Alto Sax, a pianist, drummer and stand-up bassist all wailing away on their instruments, the crowd could not help but feel the music strike them and participated with continual applause, clapping and foot tapping. The night was filled with amazing music and outstanding tunes such as “Eternal Triangle”, “Wave”, “Step Lightly” and a combination of “I Remember April” with “Sonny Rollins.” “Eternal Triangle” was the second song to be played that evening and it especially gave the crowd something to talk about. A very fast tune, one could barely count four beats a second, which implied a 240 beat per minute up-tempo. The right hand of the drummer was on fire! And the bass drum was stomping. It was extremely fast jazz with a swing feel. The bass had a walking pattern that one may describe more as running. Most impressive was the solo Donald Harrison played during the song on his alto sax. Filled with a flourishing of notes (it would be inconceivable to try and count them all!) he played
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MuJz100xConcertReport1 - MuJz 100x Concert Report #1 Katie...

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