writing assignment I

writing assignment I - committed an average of 26.3% fewer...

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Chris Cefalo April 22, 2008 Professor O’Connor Writing Assignment I In the Science and Technology section of The Economist is where I found this article. It associates a good diet going along with good behavior. They suggest that people who have a better, more balanced diet behave better than someone who has a poor diet. It is thought that there is a strong lack of essential nutrients that affect the brain and how it works. The article suggests prisoners should be given supplements to help increase behavior in prisons. An experiment was done on a group of prisoners. Half of the inmates received the supplements while the other half received a water pill. The study showed that the people who had taken the supplements the violent offenses decreased by 37% while they
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Unformatted text preview: committed an average of 26.3% fewer offenses. Since the evidence is clear about the results, the article suggests that inmates should be given the supplements necessary for good behavior. I think that this could be easily fixed without much extra cost. I think that regulated meals would work since the British prisons do the same. They have a regulatory breakfast of oatmeal. Having the prisoners behaving better will be beneficial in the long run because it will be easier and cheaper to run a prison. Works Cited: "Science and Technology: Eat it up and be a good boy; Diet and behaviour. " The Economist 2 Feb. 2008: 87. ABI/INFORM Global . ProQuest. La Salle University Library, Philadelphia, PA. 22 Apr. 2008 <http://www.proquest.com/>...
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writing assignment I - committed an average of 26.3% fewer...

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