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writing assignment IV - Chris Cefalo April 7, 2008...

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Chris Cefalo April 7, 2008 Professor O’Connor Writing Assignment IV Research was done that shows the effects of early embryo’s and IVF. When early embryos are exposed to IVF they are more likely to split into twins than an embryo that is created through natural conception. Dianna Payne was the first to bring about this hypothesis. The experiment was done on thirty-three frozen and then thawed embryos. The software used in this experiment was called MetaMorph. Its function is to take images every two minutes and then analyze the data from the images. Twenty-six out of twenty-three embryos developed to the stage in which the blastocoele was formed. Twenty-five out of the twenty-six embryos died because of the collapse of the blastocoele. Seventeen of the thirty-three embryos developed into blastocysts and eleven either started to hatch or hatched. After the experiment was done, Ms. Payne said, “Up until now, blastocyst collapse in the laboratory was thought to be a normal feature of blastocyst development. However, our findings that collapse was
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This note was uploaded on 05/19/2008 for the course BIO 158 taught by Professor 0'connor during the Spring '08 term at La Salle.

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writing assignment IV - Chris Cefalo April 7, 2008...

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