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writing assignment V - natural genome of the cell This is...

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Chris Cefalo April 18, 2008 Professor O’Connor Writing Assignment V The article I found is called Science Close to Creating Life . Craig Venter, the head of a genetic research team, artificially constructed the genome of a living creature. He was able to determine the genetic code of the bacteria that causes Meningitis. He also came up with a sequence to the human genetic code. This new achievement Venter came up with all started with the research of Mycoplasma genitalium which is a bacteria with the smallest known genome. Even its genome is 582,970 bases long. He had to make individual sections of the genome that had to be put together. The next step in the process of making artificial life is to now insert the newly made genome into the shell of the bacteria he got it from. It would be replacing the
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Unformatted text preview: natural genome of the cell. This is an accomplishment that Venter plans to have completed by the end of the year. For Venter, the potential of this experiment could result in the possibility of new species that manufacture drugs or can convert sunlight into biofuel. The opposing views of this experiment believe that this experiment could release “Frankenviruses” or give new ideas to terrorists. They think that the government should keep a close eye on the research of artificial life. Works Cited: "Science Close To Creating Life. " Current Science 93.15 (2008): 12. Education Module . ProQuest. La Salle University Library, Philadelphia, PA. 18 Apr. 2008 <http:// www.proquest.com/>...
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writing assignment V - natural genome of the cell This is...

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