Hwk IV - problem 1 2(10 points Determine the pressure at...

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Chemistry 353 - Homework Set IV (Due 10/30/07) Name: 1. (20 points) Consider a quantum-mechanical system similar to the one that I used last Thursday to illustrate the meaning of W in the Boltzmann formula. However, let the energy levels run from ± = 1 to ± = in your system, and let there be ten particles. Calculate W for all integer energies between E total = 10 and E total = 16 and plot W v. E total . Also, for E total = 16, calculate the average occupation numbers for each of the levels (averaged over all possible configurations) and plot this quantity h n i i v. ± i . What mathematical relationship (approximately) describes this last graph? If you can figure out a way to calculate W and make the same graph for E total = 30 or greater, you can receive five extra points for this
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Unformatted text preview: problem. 1 2. (10 points) Determine the pressure at which ice will melt at 31 o F, which is one degree Fahrenheit lower than the “normal” freezing point. 2 3. (10 points) A 10g block of copper at 10 K and a 5g block of silver at 5 K are brought into thermal contact and allowed to reach thermal equilibrium. Assuming that this composite system is isolated from its surroundings, determine the final temperature of the system and ΔS for this process. Note that the temperatures are quite low, and one must use polynomial forms of the heat capacity function. Find appropriate equations in the literature for this purpose. 3...
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Hwk IV - problem 1 2(10 points Determine the pressure at...

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