out of class - The out of class event that I was able to...

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The out of class event that I was able to make it to that I thought had some relevance with Peace and Conflict Resolution was the “Cultural Awareness Lecture” my military science professor, LTC John Hinrichs held. It was a special lecture he held to show the differences of cultures and how difficult it can be to cross cultural boundaries, but also the importance of being able to act appropriately within those boundaries. He stressed the fact that it is important to respect other cultures that are similar or totally different from our own, and that to be respected by other nationalities we sometimes have to show them respect first. The event began with videos of the cuisine that is usually particularly disturbing to many Americans, and of which most would find horribly disgusting. The video showed how they prepared the food and what went into the process of getting it prepared as well as the reasons behind why the food was considered a delicate or consumed as often as it was by the local populace. After we watched the video of people eating large insects, snake blood, and dogs, we were then given examples of food to drink and eat that were from other parts of the world. Most of the students tried at least one insect but had a hard time consuming the squid in seaweed broth soup. There were other items available not all of which I can remember, except for some foul smells. The importance was again put on how important it was to accept the culture that you might be a
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out of class - The out of class event that I was able to...

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