Exam 4 Review - Soc 168.02 Exam IV Review Theory How do the...

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Theory How do the major theories view religion? o Functionalism- good o Conflict- bad, considered opiate to masses o Symbolic Internationalist- How do the major theories approach sexism? o Functionalism- Small changes to institutions o Conflict- Inequality o Internationalist- Process of socialization Functionalist- misusing statistics to make a point. Religious Minorities Miller provides evidence that Americans are leaving mainstream churches for two other types of churches—what are they? o Mega churches and non denominational churches What is a significant latent function provided by controversy over abortion and school prayer? o Brings together many different religions and belief systems In 2003, which country had the largest number of undocumented aliens in the U.S. and what religion is associated with them? o Mexico, Catholic religion What was the Catholic experience like during the U.S. colonial period? o Hostile, discriminated in all of the colonies How many U.S. Catholics are there today compared to other religious groups? o Plurality What caused the greatest conflict between Catholics and Protestants in the U.S.? o Education What are some anti-Jewish stereotypes? o Greedy, clannish, What often accompanied Jewish economic success? o social segregation What contributed to fairly rapid upward mobility for Jewish immigrants? o
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Exam 4 Review - Soc 168.02 Exam IV Review Theory How do the...

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