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Quiz6-1 - Introduction to Medical and Scientific...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Medical and Scientific Terminology CC 306M Sixth Quiz —- Test C 1. inability to swallow 10. drug that stops vomiting :1} anastomosis a}sntafi3" b) anoscopy 91"” b) asmdiaretc /. c} anorexia i x. elm d) aphasia i} If” C3) eofiemetie @phagia if" e) W 2. dark, tarry stools ll. inflammation of abdomen a) MSH a) W rt ()1 s I__,/"“\ b) waste” is C elem. If” @‘gasttitis elmmcytss d) colitis @wruhe‘fl“ e} cca'lis 3. surgical repair of rectal meatus (\ 12. inflammation of a salivary gland a anoplasty a) adrenitis \ ilcocystoplasty /‘= (132 adenit'is . . . _ _ ’\ :1: ‘2I c) dew I fisialoademlls / . I 5....“ t' d) ileoproclqslomy'“ cl) sialoangiifis { f \« e) cecorrlmphy— e) salivatioo 1k I 4. abnormal presence of hemiatious in 13. valve between stomach and the walls of the colon duodenum flasks a) cardiac sphincter b} diverticulitis b} mitts] @ diverticulosis c) tticuspid d) lwmoisgiaagan {‘33 pvlotic sphmctet e) coloplosis e) bicuspld l4. anal waste a) rectal ampulla 5. incision in common bile duct to remove gallstones Lag/choledothohlhologily b) ufine ' :J) choleeyatectomy f: c) omenrum %’ C)Cholccfetomy it , d) dysrnenotrhen d) Choctaw x" jéj'reoes e) Wetomy 6. hernia of bladder l g :lIIWPImm III__.II..I_ 6. inflammation of small intestine a)cccitis fiche» c cystocele '1 '; C: gentle“ - cystoudfin 3/1 ._ ntetitis elqstoiita e) ileitis it 16. creation of passage between common 7. bleeding from gallbladder a) cholecystoedmfiliy intestine b) cystorthagia 3} W3 elm WK 1)) choledochojejunostomy“ @ cholccystorthagia 3‘- c) chcfledmhestomy e} cholangitis. ‘l/ @tholedochoduodenostomy e) choloswfefirterostomy 8. instrument to examine any body cavity 17. fatty stool a).esoplrago’§€b"ffii a)-elysen“thy .,, blsstlpsmpr H,» 13) diarrhea“ l’" clgastroscope 2 i ' c c) ammonia?“ L/ dyarthfi‘ifiififie fwd)“ mew @I endos eupe {Kg/5t: atotthca 9. excision of section of liver gsurgical repair of a lip 21) hemonboidectomy whefloplasty b) nephteacmm‘y b)- lipolyvsis—W IIIIc) hepatotomya -\‘{." 4W“ 1:) cheilonflnaphpw fiepaflsostomy 4‘ 'Kx‘ d) liposuction @epafic lobeetomy I e) celioplastyo bile duct and 1“ portion of small 19- surgical repair of throat to stomach tube a) phonyngoplasty b) lary‘rignéplasly C) pyloroplasty d) pylorostomy' be) esophagepiasly l 20. examination of abdominal cavity 8) swmmry 5) Jessie-WP“? 1:3 gasttoscopv d) endoscopy e) W013i?“ 21. x-ra}r of gallbladder a) Ghelefiflogram lowin- f‘o} cholangiogtam "“63 showroom e) E F C J‘ 22. difficulty in swallowing a} bulimia b) anorexia c) d): sphasia "gf’dj‘dySPhsgiz é] aphagia 2 . blood}r stool @ematochezia 121W Wa- film-ti emotions” 2.4. nonionizing imaging technique {,9 MR1 b} radiography c) computed tomography d) cholaugiogtsm e) (3&5 25. distention of kidneyr to bladder tube a) ureterody‘uia b} utethralmqgfi: c W teterectasis e) W" Viv/(4V; ‘1" 15. part of large intestine immediately before the rectum a) transverse colon b) appendix C ascending colon cl sigmoid colon e) descending colon 27. procedure to measure pressure in the bladder and the canal to the outside :3; utetliror-nlsiaprlry'" btooometty Iednroqrstometry ...
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