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Objectives Ch 7 Nuclear o Recognize and distinguish isotopes o Perform calculations involving average atomic weight and isotopic abundance o Write and balance nuclear equations (fission, alpha, beta decay) o Write the reactions for U-235 and for U-238. o Perform "easy" calculations with E=mc2 o Perform very simple calculations with half-life (here, I mean the sort that you can calculate in your head, no need calculator) o Tell how nuclear fission occurs o Calculate the amount of energy produced by a fission reaction (given mass) o Draw and label/identify parts of a nuclear power plant diagram. o Discuss energy transformations in a nuclear power plant. o Compare/contrast how electricity is produced by a conventional power plant with
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Unformatted text preview: how it is produced by a nuclear power plant. o Summarize the reasons a nuclear power reactor cannot undergo a nuclear explosion. o Recount the events at Chernobyl. o List lessons learned from the accident at Chernobyl. o Summarize the reasons your book gives as to why fuel from a nuclear power plant cannot be used in weapons. o Describe the biological effects of nuclear radiation. o Other topics as covered in class PLUS o Perform calculations using concepts of limiting reactants o Predict amount of product formed, given amount of one or more reactant(s) o Answer challenging questions regarding any of these topics....
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