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Chapter 3 Learning Objectives Chemistry in Context Structures Draw Lewis dot structures or Lewis line structures for molecules, radicals, or ions. Determine molecular shape and bond angles of molecules, radicals, or ions (eg VSEPR) Respond to puzzling questions regarding electronic or molecular shapes. Electromagnetic Radiation Identify the link between molecular shape and IR absorption. Given a spectrum, identify which dip (or peak) is a bending mode and which is a stretching mode. Discuss the relationships among λ , v, and E, with regard to spectra and the effect of light on molecules. Greenhouse List the greenhouse gases and explain why they are greenhouse gases (and why others are not greenhouse gases). Predict whether a substance is IR active. Describe the greenhouse effect and explain the enhanced greenhouse effect. Identify sources or potential sources of greenhouse gases. Distinguish between natural and anthropogenic sources.
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Unformatted text preview: • Identify “sinks” of greenhouse gases (sink is opposite to source). • Discuss the effect of CO 2 on the ozone layer. • Create and discuss connections between greenhouse gases and the ozone layer. Global Warming • Identify and discuss the evidence that supports global warming. • Identify and discuss potential remedies to the problem of global warming. • Identify implications of a rise in the Earth’s average temperature. • Relate the carbon cycle to global warming. Calculations • Perform calculations using moles, atomic weight, molecular mass, Avogadro’s number, and/or amu. (#amu = #g/mol) Other • Identify and classify reactions by type (including new type: photosynthesis) • Interpret and discuss graphs and plots. • Determine whether a given bit of data shows causality or correlation. • Discuss current news. • List and discuss models for future projections. List factors that need to be included in computer models....
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