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Objectives Ch2 CIC - Learning Objectives for Chapter 2...

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Learning Objectives for Chapter 2 : Protecting the Ozone Layer o Write names of compounds given the chemical formula and vice versa. o Discuss how tropospheric ozone is produced. (1.12) o Perform calculations with numbers of molecules (1.14) o List and discuss the advantages of stratospheric ozone. o List and discuss the disadvantages of tropospheric ozone. o Define and recognize allotropes. o Write the reaction(s) for the destruction of stratospheric ozone. o Write the reactions for the formation of tropospheric ozone from NO x . o Understand the factors that affect O 3 levels. o Apply the basics of atomic structure to elements. o Understand the arrangement of the periodic table. o Differentiate among isotopes of a given element. o For a given element, identify the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons; mass number, atomic number, valence electrons, and average atomic mass. o Given the formula or a name of a substance, draw and describe its Lewis Dot or line diagram.
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