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Daily Food Record Name (print):___Laura Shade__________________ Day/Date of Intake: __ Monday 9/17/07 _______ Male______ Female __x____ Age __20_____ Meal Date Time Of Day Food Item Amount Description (Brand or restaurant) How Prepared (if applicable) Breakfast Lunch 9/17 12:30pm Turkey Sandwich Corner Market Toasted Whole wheat bread 2 slices Lettuce 1 cup Black olives 1/3 cup Provolone 2ounces Turkey 3 ounces Mustard 1tbsp Soda 18fl oz Diet Coke Dinner 9/17 7:00pm 1 cup Skim milk Chicken Breast 4 ounces Tyson Baked Green Beans 2/3 cup Kroger Ketchup 1 tbsp 8 fl oz Kroger Snacks 9/17 2:30pm 2 peanut butter cookies 1 ounce Dried cranberries 1/3 cup Ocean Spray Craisins 10:00pm Peanut butter cookies 1 ounce Water 16 fl oz Record food items as completely as possible, listing separate ingredients when indicated (e.g., don’t just write “sandwich”, but include type of bread, filling, vegetables added, sauces and condiments).
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Unformatted text preview: • Don’t forget beverages, including alcoholic beverages, sodas, and water. • Estimate the amounts or serving size you consume as closely as possible in units , such as cups, ounces, teaspoons, and teaspoons. (NOTE: “one serving”, “one bowl”, or “one piece” are not acceptable units as they are subjective measures and don’t relay quantifiable amounts.) You may want to measure foods to obtain a more accurate estimate of quantity. • When indicated, include preparation method or other details that may help describe the food, for example: indicate whether a chicken breast is baked, grilled, breaded, fried, etc. or whether vegetables are raw, steamed, “Southern style”, sautéed, fried, etc....
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