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-1* Final exam in this room, 2hrs, Friday Dec 9, 2pm * turn in essay 415 Kap Hall by 2:00 this Friday Readings we’ll be responsible for for the final exam: *Reluctant Metro: intro , ch 8 *Sprawl: ch 12 (1hr)--- smart growth, at the end the policies the dates, eg. For sustainable development, sprawl- what is it? *Eric mann article: about race, class, gender, and transportation (1hr) race class gender bias *Executive order 9066 *Southland: all-- palimcest, theme *Bradley years
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Unformatted text preview: *Manuel pastor-- neo organizing *National park service website: 3 different parts-- Japanese american related (1hr) *Korematsu article (1hr) *William cronon: a place for stories (e-reserves) (1hr) *The red sea by Harold meyerson - article (1hr) *Evelyn blumenberg transportation article *Haydn (1hr) *Manuel pastor: ejournal-- common ground at ground zero (1hr) *Gottlieb - The Next la: ch 5-- shifting coalitions (e-reserves) (1 hr)-- pay more attention than cronon *don’t need to review fulton reluctant metro ch 5...
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