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lecture notes [2005.11 - LA POLITICS Lec.Notes (Nov. 30,...

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LA POLITICS Lec.Notes (Nov. 30, 2005) -1 I. The Bradley Years * Shifting Coalitions by Gottlieb-- the Committee of 25 * ran L.A. unrestrained * came to a halt in the -60s * Watts riot of 65 * larger civil rights movement itself * election of Mayor Tom Bradley 1973-1993 * one of the first black mayors to be elected in the wave of black mayors that got elected in major urban centers * importance of a black mayor-- made it seem like we were on the cutting edge of race relations, signaled an opening for all people of color * he wasn’t a radical, actually conservative for many of his policies * his efficacy as a mayor-- black, Jewish community (?) * Jewish-- political connections, money * black-- connections, number, demand * coalition based on pro-growth politics-- “gateway to the Pacific” (?)-- led to radical refashioning of the L.A. skyline (build high rise buildings to bring people in) * his growth agenda kept the coalition together-- money available for builders, contractors * demise of the Bradley years
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