Bisc 121 SI Exam3 Review Sheet

Bisc 121 SI Exam3 Review Sheet - Jing Cui BISC121...

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Jing Cui [email protected] BISC121 Midterm III Review Chapter 26: Early Earth and the Origin of Life 1. Earth originated________________ 2. Life evolved on Earth btw _________________. Prokaryotes which dominated btw 3.5 to 2.0BYA are found in ___________ and sediments from ___________________. 3. __________ accumulated in Earth’s atmosphere beginning at 2.7BYA. 4. Eukaryotic life began __________. -Early photosynthesis relied on _____ , not oxygen. ____________ are probably one of the first photosynthetic organisms that used oxygen to reduce carbon dioxide. -What is Earth’s biggest pollutant and why? _________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ -Why were there so few species of multicellular eukaryotes until the late Precambrian? _____________________________________________________________________________________ -What is spontaneous generation and how was it disproved? ____________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ It was replaced with the idea of ____________. Name the 4 steps that eventually hypothetically could lead to a simple cell: 1) 2) 3) 4) -The Oparin and Haldane model assumed a __________ atmosphere, which could lead simple molecules to form more complex ones. This cannot happen today because of ________________________. There was also more energy from the sun, partially because it was young and emitted more UV rays and also because there was no _____________. -Miller-Urey decided to test Oparin-Haldane model, and mix these items with a spark of lightning to get amino acids: ___________________________. -Why is RNA thought to be the first hereditary material? (ie the RNA-World hypothesis) _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ -RNA sequences have a __________ (the actual base pair order) and a ___________ (the 3d shape). With mutations in replication, selection can screen for the most stable form of RNA, a form of selection. -__________ are aggregates of abiotically produced molecules that precede living cells. They maintain a separate chemical environment and are capable of undergoing osmotic shrinking or swelling. An example of this is a _________. They can store ________ across their membrane, and “give birth” to other liposomes. They can also absorb and secrete products of simple enzymatic rxns. In ancient sea, though, they did not have enzymes. -Origin of life still controversial, but think life arose in _____________ because ____________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ -Originally had ____-kingdom system, but now change into 3 domain system because _______________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 18 Microbial Models: The Genetics of Viruses and Bacteria
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Bisc 121 SI Exam3 Review Sheet - Jing Cui BISC121...

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