Immigration Notes-Tichenor, Toqueville & Federalist Papers

Immigration Notes-Tichenor, Toqueville & Federalist...

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Debates on Immigration (historical context) - Titchenor I. Historical Institution a. i. The organizational biases of governing institutions can favor the capacities and policy designs of specific political actors, while disadvantaging others. b. Coalitions i. The political alliances of interest groups, politicians, and other activists move policy positions. c. Narratives and Framing i. Ideas and expertise play a catalytic role. d. International Pressures i. Affect domestic political opportunities for political reform. II. Quad of Views a. Expansive Rights i. Cosmopolitans (Democrat) 1. Admissions expanded or maintained ii. Nationalist Egalitarians 1. Admissions restricted b. Restrictive Rights i. Free-Market Expansionists (Republican) 1. Admissions expanded or maintained ii. Classic Exclusionists 1. Admissions restricted III. Important policy changes i. Incrementalism: Mode of policy making keeping open immigration feasible 1. labor scarcity kept immigration open 2. Federalist structure kept it regulated at state and local levels ii. Naturalization act 1. Uniform rule allowing “free white persons” to undergo a very simple naturalization process. iii. National regulation is established 1. “intelligent” national state forged as exclusionary legation targeted at Chinese immigration. 2. Proved as an opening for those hoping to establish a national state that would lead to “the preservation of existing orders of ethnic, racial, and religious hierarchy”. iv. McCarran-Walter Act (1952) 1. Removed all racial bars to immigration and citizenship v. Ambivalence 1. Eliminated racial bars to naturalization and immigration, but maintained discrimination through quotas. vi. Operation Wetback 1. More than 1million Mexicans were deported under high-profile media campaign
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2. Resulting in changing of many groups views who had opposed legal immigration, to offering sympathy to illegal immigrants. vii. Immigration and Nationality Act 1. Established 20,000 immigrant visas 2. Ended the quota system. 3. Resulted in major shift of racial and ethnic composition of population. viii. Immigration Act 1. Increased worldwide legal immigration limits by 40% 2. Tripled employment based visas ix. Welfare Reform 1. Barred immigrants from public services (welfare) 2. Expanded grounds for deporting immigrants x. Reform 2005-2006 1. Criminalize illegal presence 2. Build fence along Mexican border Affect American Citizenship (civil associations) - Toqueville I. The meaning of citizenship a. Political Freedom b. Participation (civil associations) i. There is a danger of individualism ii. Tendency of citizens in a democracy to withdraw from public life and become politically apathetic. iii.
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Immigration Notes-Tichenor, Toqueville & Federalist...

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