Semester Notes 1st half

Semester Notes 1st half - A. Inequality- Not unjust if they...

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A. Inequality- Not unjust if they are unequal, equality in the same sense can be unjust a. True equality requires Aristocracy. The rule of the better over the worse. i. The best are the virtuous b. The purpose of gov. is to produce happy (virtuous) begins. Aristocracy is best form. B. Hereditary Aristocracy a. Because of scarcity, lack of wealth, no wealth leisure or education exists b. Few % of society can afford education c. Invisibility of virtue- Can’t legitimately chose virtuous leader C. Democracy a. Meant majority b. Majority is poor and uneducated D. Characteristics a. 1) Politics must aim at happiness or virtue b. 2) Aristocracy is best form. Is in favor of political inequality c. 3) Closed society – the question of free speech i. Virtue as means to non-oppression ii. Religion what god wants us to do – strengthens proper goal in life iii. Need religion iv. Need censorship d. In modern society people avoid 2 nd and 3 rd characteristic, yet still strive for 1 st i. Aristotle says you need all 3 E. Without Characteristics Regime and Virtue (2 & 3) what happens to human character? a. 1517 Start of modernity, creation of the modern world i. influence of revolution- philosophers 1. Machiavelli published 1517 b. Reverse classic/Ancient goals/characteristics i. Lower goals of politics, too broad, limit gov. 1. Provision of security and freedom and prosperity only ii. Equality and democracy – in favor of iii. Open society c. Why did this change occur? Why chose lower goals? i. It’s easier ii. Unrealistic 1. A danger/risk to aim high. Puts lesser goods in jeopardy 2. It’s “rational” to give up F. Certain goals are necessary a. Goods of mere life – need things for a happy life b. Good life goals (don’t sustain life) – philosophy, moral excellence: Aristotle G. Modernization a. Based on realism – understanding virtue, divided gov instability, secular and religious gov.
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b. Conflict of church and state c. Solution: new king of politics i. Renounces question of virtue and religion in politics ii. Aim lower to achieve this d. One more point to risk aiming high: High goals make people intolerant and fanatic “starry eyed” i. Also higher likelihood of success ii. Peace, stability, prosperity to a way never experienced thru
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Semester Notes 1st half - A. Inequality- Not unjust if they...

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