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Portfolio writing assignments #3 and #4 1) Narrative (Portfolio writing #3 – in class): a. Monday in class, I offered a presentation that attempted to ask, and to answer, a few questions about narratives in human society. The questions included: why do we tell stories? Why do we tell the “same” stories over and over? And why is our need for stories never satisfied? b. Considering that J. Hillis Miller suggests that we need stories to “order and re- order our world,” that they serve both a “policing” and subversive function, and that we always need new stories because the stories we tell are partial, and never completely satisfy our need to explain the world, I’d like you to think about why Alexander Gardner tells stories in his Sketchbook . c. So, choose either a story or series of the “same” stories in one or more of his
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Unformatted text preview: captions, or a sequence of photos that seem to tell a story. Ask yourself: considering the details, what kind of stories is Gardner telling? And why do you think he is telling such stories? How is he attempting to order and reorder his world? 2) Narrative (Portfolio writing #4 at home) a. For next Monday, we are reading a section of Zora Neale Hurstons Mules and Men . Just as in Gardners Sketchbook , there are many stories in Hurstons folklore collection. Read them all over carefully, from pages 1-57. b. Look carefully at the details of three stories, and ask yourself what kind of stories these are, and why either Hurston, or the community she represents in her book, is telling these kinds of stories. How are they attempting to order and reorder their world?...
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