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Memo: MC201, October 16, 2006 Louise Jezierski A cost-benefit evaluation of immigration (legal and illegal) What do the Experts think? Is there Consensus, or stalemate? According to most economists, while the number of immigrants is large, the impact on the overall economy is very small. Three Sources of Expert Analysis and resources “A cost benefit analysis of immigration” by Mathew Richer, Right Now! March-April 2006: 4-6 http://www.right-now.org/articles/rn56_borjas.pdf Borjas, Dept. of Economics, Harvard Univeristy “Economic Impacts of Immigration” Testimony of Harry J. Holzer, Public Policy,Georgetown University November 16, 2005 http://www.urban.org/Publications/900908.html “Is the New Immigration Really So Bad?” David Card, Dept. of Economics UC Berkeley Jan. 2005 http://www.phil.frb.org/econ/conf/immigration/card.pdf U.S Census on Immigration and Foreign Born populations http://www.census.gov/population/www/socdemo/immigration.html Migration Policy Institute http://www.migrationpolicy.org/ George Borjas: Some people benefit from immigration a lot and some people lose a lot. Moreover, he claims there is no evidence that a labor shortage exists. Percent of the population that is foreign born over the last 100 years 1915: 100 million Americans 15% were foreign born 1970 200 million, 5% foreign born 2006 300 million 12% 30% of immigrants are here illegally, 500,000 illegal aliens come per year.
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THE “COSTS” AND “BENEFITS” OF IMMIGRATION http://www.humboldt.edu/~economic/econ104/immigrat/ Costs: 1) Direct Expenditures
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