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MC 201 First Quiz Questions You will be asked by your instructor to write on ONE of these four questions in either your Monday (9/18) or Tuesday (9/19) section. You will not know beforehand which one of these questions your instructor will assign, so you need to be prepared to answer all of them. The quiz will last 25 minutes and is worth 10% of your grade. Please bring a new blue book to class to be exchanged with a blue book from your instructor. I. Write a summary of the major points in one of the following Federalist Papers : 10, 51, 70 or 78. Review each paper several times in order to get a sense of the argument as a whole and of the relationships between the key parts of the argument. Your summary should be in your own words (paraphrase, don’t quote). The summary should parallel the order of Madison or Hamilton’s argument, as well as its substance. Note that this question requires only summary, not evaluation. If this question is asked, you will required to summarize only ONE of
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