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TABLE 1 Party Shares of the Regional Delegations in the House and Senate, 2007 a Region Democrats Republicans (%) (%) ( N) House Outside the South 59 39 (304) b South 39 60 (131) c Total 53 45 (435) d Senate Outside the South 59 e 41 (78) South 23 77 (22) Total 51 a 49 (100) a Based upon preliminary results available as of November 10, 2006. b Eight House elections have not been decided.
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Unformatted text preview: c Two House elections have not been decided. d Ten House elections have not been decided. e The Democrats include two Senators elected as independents who will caucus with the Democrats: Joseph I. Lieberman (CT) and Bernard Sanders (VT). Table prepared by Paul R. Abramson, November 11, 2006....
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