October_24 - III Rise of the Welfare State i World War One...

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FRENCH REPUBLICANISM AND POLITICAL CENTRALIZATION I. Political centralization a. Governmental b. Administrative II. the pre-Revolutionary state a. aristocratic rule b. Louis XIV and monarchical absolutism i. “l’etat, c’est moi” II. Revolutionary France c. Jacobinism i. popular sovereignty ii. centralized politics 1. resilience of the Old Order 2. problem of civil order iii. nationalism iv. secularism d. Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte i. imperial power ii. expansionism and prestige e. Restoration Monarchy, civil unrest, and the Second and Third Republics III. from Bonapartism to Gaullism a. bureaucratic modernization b. the dirigiste state c. the reorganization of privilege i. rise of bourgeois elite ii. expansion of public service 1. elite education and the Sciences Po iii. suppression of worker unrest 1. trade unionism 2. corporatism iv. solidarity d. agrarianism, industrialization, and urbanization
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Unformatted text preview: III. Rise of the Welfare State i. World War One and its aftermath 1. dislocations of war 2. fear of Bolshevism 3. health insurance 4. family support e. the Vichy interlude f. the Fourth Republic i. pensions ii. unemployment insurance iii. de-colonization iv. rise of the PCF IV. Fifth Republic France a. Revival of Bonapartism i. executive power b. durability of dirigisme i. Gaullist industrial policy 1. Post-war reconstruction 2. Strategic industries a. coal and steel, arms, aerospace c. the Sot interlude i. strategic nationalizations ii. fiscal and monetary crises iii. collapse of the PCF d. evolution of the European Union i. administrative centralization, political de-centralization ii. rejection of Constitution e. Chirac and neo-Gaullism i. moderation of executive power...
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October_24 - III Rise of the Welfare State i World War One...

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