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Unformatted text preview: Midterm One Sample Exam General Comments: • This is an example of a complete exam I gave a few years back that covers many of the same topics we have been covering. It is not a perfect match for what our focus has been but it will give you an idea of what a complete exam of mine might look like. Additional practice problems are available in the second practice set. The instructions below are my standard exam instructions. • This exam is closed book. However, you may use two pages, front and back, of notes and formulas. Write your answers on the exam sheets. If you need more space, continue your answer on the back of the page. Statistical tables are attached at the end. Make sure you have all 12 pages question pages! • The exam is 110 minutes long. There are 3 questions, worth a total of 100 points. They are not equally weighted, nor are they of equal difficulty. The number of points each question is worth is printed with the problem. Read the questions carefully. If you are unsure of the interpretation, come ask. • You must show your work to obtain full credit. If you use a result from class, state what result you are using. If you can’t complete a problem for any reason, explain what concepts are at issue, and how you would attack the problem. If you can’t work out a number you need for a later part of a problem give it a symbol and show how you would do the calculations with a symbol in place of the missing number. It is, in any case, a good idea to explain briefly what your reasoning is in English. If I can’t tell that you understood what you were doing, I can’t give you credit, particularly if you get the wrong numerical answer. GOOD LUCK! Question Total Points Score Number Possible Received 1 45 2 20 3 35 Total 100 THE STORY BEHIND THE EXAM R.A. Fisher, the brilliant British statistician who is responsible for our using α = . 05 for confidence intervals and hypothesis tests, did most of his applied work in agricuture. In this exam, his descendant, S.B. “Fish” Fisher is running an organic fruit and vegetable farm, but he continues the family tradition by using statistics to try to improve his produce production. Your job is to help him out..... 1 Question 1: Farmer Fisher’s Fertilizer (45 points, 50 minutes) Farmer Fisher has recently been trying out a new organic fertilizer to increase the amount of fruit on his apple trees. He has used different amounts of fertilizer, X (in cups per square yard) in n=12 different fields and recorded Y, the amount of apples produced (in pounds per square yard). He has tried to fit a simple linear regression of Y on X, but unfortunately his computer printout seems to have a bug (perhaps a fruit fly?) and some of the numbers are missing. He does know that the average amount of fertilizer he used was ¯ X = 2 cups per square yard, and that his average yield of apples was...
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mid1practice - Midterm One Sample Exam General Comments •...

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