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MC 111, Sections 9, 10, 16 Paper #2 – Reading/Reflection Paper The Idea Reading theory can sometimes be like looking in a mirror. We engage in theoretical writings to explore something about us that we might not know, or to confirm some preconceived idea we have about ourselves. In effect, some theory can reflect back on some aspect of our thinking, just as a mirror can reflect our appearances. This paper can be conceived of as theoretically looking in a mirror. Its central question will be: how do you “read” the world of representations around us? You will be asked to engage one of the theories about reading we’ve examined (Berger, Danesi), and to think about how your own experiences of reading some “text” relate. You may choose to engage the central argument, or the basic premises of these works directly, or you may choose to examine a corollary or subtler notion. Think of these theories as springboards into your own experience, which you will then begin to examine in some detail. Practical Considerations Write a 4- to 5-page paper reflecting on the way you read some “text,” and suggesting how your way of reading might be a good model for others. As you do this,
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mc111-paper2-06 - MC 111 Sections 9 10 16 Paper#2...

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