France In Crisis Outline/Thesis

France In Crisis Outline/Thesis - 1: Thesis: Debate over...

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1: Thesis: Debate over the requirements of citizenship and the rights of immigrants is deeply rooted in two contrasting traditions one of which sees citizenship as a function of action and the other of which sees it as a function of culture. I. Definition of the citizen/Rights of the citizen a. Tocqueville: Civil associations (Function of Action) i. Rights are necessary under this model ii. Participation/civil associations 1. Participate in politics, particularly through voting 2. Being well informed about policy issues 3. Holding opinions on politics based on public good iii. Religion b. Cultural View: Must be culturally similar to other Americans to be a citizen i. No rights are necessary (lack of involvement) ii. Speak the same language iii. Believe similar things (religion, politics, etc) iv. Ex) A Chinese person may not be able to be a citizen if their culture is too different v. Ex) A Jewish person’s religion may be too different because a Christian ethic acted as an underlying value in America c. Ideologies (represented in Tichenor’s four views of citizenship) (Cosmopolatians, National Egalitarians, Free-Market, Classic) i. Cosmopolitans are rooted in Tocqueville’s definition (action) ii. Classic Exclusionist are rooted in cultural definition (culture) iii. Free-Market Expansionist/Nationalist Egalitarians (mixture of action and culture) d. Cradle Theory (When it doesn’t apply to action or culture) i. Look to a nations origins to determine future policies ii. National Values 1. Asylum- Giving refuge or exceptions a. Ex) Potato Famine 2. City on a Hill a. Where to run to for refuge iii. Role to give fleeing people rights II. The Progressive Era demonstrates Tichenor’s examination of the historical context about immigration debates a. Cosmopolitans – Pro-immigration i. Immigration Protection League (IPL) ii. German-American Alliance b. Nationalist Egalitarians – protect labor for citizens (Interest Groups) i. American Federation of Labor (AFL)
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France In Crisis Outline/Thesis - 1: Thesis: Debate over...

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