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Intercultural Communication Dr. Dean Logic of Chapter Layout 1 . Individual Articulation- Choose 1 Chapter Objective from the list at the beginning of each chapter; carefully and thoroughly define in full sentence in your own words. By so doing, you own information so that it can become knowledge. Define and explain the concept of a microculture 2. Self as Culture.- How can the objectives and its concepts be applied outside the context of the classroom? Provide a concrete, specific example for each term/concept taken from your own experience: look to your own personal experiences and /or observations: Self as culture "We are many cultures at once"
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Unformatted text preview: 3. A. What is the main purpose of the chapter? What's the title of the chapter? The African American microculture is discussed by focus upon societal progression and heritage, linguistic communication, group communication, and B. What question does it seek to answer. In other words, what is the question to which the whole chapter is the answer. Who What Where When 4. A. What do the authors think and feel about the subject of the chapter that you discern from how they wrote it just the way they did? B. What are the authors counting on you to know as well as not know about the subject prior to having read the chapter?...
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