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Kidney Functions of kidney slide… Bladder is smooth muscle, under voluntary and involuntary muscle control. Voluntary control is involved with striated muscle on the neck of the bladder. The detruser is smooth muscle that is innervated by the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. PS innervates sphincter which is constricted during filling. Micturition Slide… Two parts to the nephron depending on where is situated. Cortical nephron, juxtamedullary nephron (has the long loop of henle). Capillary bed in the glomerulus is like a ball of spaghetti. Filtrate enters bowmans space into PCT into descending loop of henle other parts in
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Unformatted text preview: slide… Kidneys filter blood and then reabsorb what it needs. Vaso recta very important. Specialization associated with the renal corpuscle (glomerulus and bowmans capsule) Distal tubule releases paracrine agents that regulate glomerular filtration. Juxtaglomerular apparatus cells secrete renin. Initial filtration into bowmans space has exact composition of plasma except for protein. Ultra filtrate of plasma minus protein (everything in blood has been filtered). Everything needed is recovered (Na+, water) potassium ion is secreted…You have filtration secretion and excretion. Substances usually don’t undergo all 3 processes....
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