October 23 - Phospholipid C when cleaved less than 1 of the...

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Unformatted text preview: October 23, 2007 Phospholipid C when cleaved, less than 1% of the time, gives rise to the second messenger IP3. You start off with phosphoacetyle inositol (glycerol), the fatty acid is cleaved off at the phosphate group Phospholipase C is regulated using second messengers. cAMP and Phosphoacetyle inositol were first two second messenger system Next system-calcium Protein kinase regulates virtually every aspect of the physiological cell. Terminal phosphate of ATP is transferred onto hydroxyl group of amino acid to phosphorylate that amino acid, which changes its conformational shape. Conformational change is a functional change in the protein (done evolutionarily). Proteins can be activated/inactivated through phosphorylation, it just depends on how the conformational change takes place. There are many different proteins that have sites that an enzyme (protein kinase) can phosphorylate. (many on slide) When talking about activating pathways every step must be transient (reversible). To reverse phosphorylation, protein phosphatase cleave phosphorylated protein and dephosphorylate them. Edwin Krebs and Edmond Fisher were the discoverers of the phosphate activation cycle. Many experiments on adrenaline interaction with glucose. Adrenaline makes sure that there is a lot of glucose available to burn very rapidly. One way to ensure that happens is by working on your glycogen supply. Glycogen stores are liberated from liver and muscle. The two men wanted to find out how adrenaline interacts with glycogen....
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October 23 - Phospholipid C when cleaved less than 1 of the...

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