Creb pathway - Creb pathway involved in memory Different...

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Creb pathway involved in memory… Different types of memory include short term long-term Testing: CREB signature memory enhancement, Drosophilia: odor-shock conditioning. Put flies in room with odor and electricity, put odor and the flies move out of compartment even without electricity. When this was done once, the flies that were given an extra CREB gene remembered for a significantly longer time. Rolipram being marketed by Pfizer helps retain memory. It inhibits PDE4 and prevents cAMP degradation. G-protein-linked receptors/ serpentine receptors: There can be thousands of different kinds in mammals Variable in nature: can activate or inhibit depending on pathway Trimeric g-proteins: located intracellularly in the plasma connected to plasma membrane. Consists of 3 subunits. Through glycolipid anchors is attached to membrane. Alpha subunit is a GTPase and can hydrolyze GTP which causes a conformational change that releases the beta-gamma subunits. Alpha subunit transfers its activation energy to a target protein, which therefore activates the protein to do its respective job. The release of this energy means the transformation of GTP back to the original GDP, which then causes the alpha subunit to join back with the beta-gamma subunits. RGS proteins speed up the velocity with which the alpha subunits work. This creates a spike in activity which makes signaling very specific. With a spike you want quick activation of protein but also quick degradation of signaling. RGS speeds up hydrolysis of GTP by alpha subunit. Cyclic nucleotides are very important in the CREB pathway. cAMP falls into the
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Creb pathway - Creb pathway involved in memory Different...

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