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Final Paper - Bhakta My College Experience Academic success...

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Bhakta My College Experience Academic success is something which most people never know how to accomplish. People are usually unaware of how to make their experience at a university the most beneficial to them as a person. As a student in Education 92 F I have learned a great deal about myself and how to make the most out of my time here at UCLA. First, I will analyze my success thus far in my college career and then discuss what needs improvement. Then I will make recommendations for myself in order to obtain my desired outcomes as a developed college student. Success is like a hand woven quilt. It takes many pieces of fabric to create it and looks appealing to everyone. It looks easy to make, but in reality it is the intricacy of the threads that make the piece of work so beautiful. Success is very similar in that it looks so easy to achieve once you have reached to that level, but takes a lot of hard work to get there. Success has a very ambiguous definition because everyone has their own perception of it. When I think of success, I think of myself as enjoying my life with the people I love and doing something which I have a personal passion for. As for being successful at UCLA, I would say maintaining a GPA which I am satisfied with, making lasting friendships, and getting involved in activities which I enjoy would be considered successful for me. Success is something that comes with a lot of diligence and dedication and I feel that if I dream big and apply myself, I can become successful in anything I do. Reasons for Being Successful I feel that getting into UCLA itself was one successful accomplishment I have made in my lifetime. However, now that I am here, this is where it all begins. In a way, how well I do here relies on how successful I am in the future. So far, I have done a few things which are enhancing my success at UCLA, however there are many more things which I could do to make my experience here even more 1
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Bhakta memorable. There are various reasons for which I believe I am at a good start in becoming successful at this university. Going to class and doing my work on time, being on a dance team, and socially interacting with my peers are just three of the reasons for which I believe am enhancing my college experience. One reason why I am at a good start to being successful at UCLA is because I have gone to most of my classes and have turned all homework in on time. According to Vincent Tinto’s Model of Persistence, formal academic performance, such as going to class and doing my homework, is vital in my departing decision. By going to class and doing my work on time I can become more familiar with the material and won’t get behind in class, which therefore will lead me to better test scores. Better test scores is just the start to becoming a successful student, however there is much more to success than mere grades. In Tinto’s model, getting involved formally with the academic system is important in pursuing the motivation for academic performance. Another reason why I am successful at UCLA thus far is because I am involved with a dance
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Final Paper - Bhakta My College Experience Academic success...

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