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20060927 Final Draft of Essay 1 - wouldnt even cry. Things,...

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Willis Thai EN1014 9/27/06 Re-Writing First Essay Ignorance is a thing that makes you unaware of the things that can hurt you or even kill you. It can cause you all types of pain. It can be psychological pain, mental pain, or even physical pain. You can get hurt no matter how old you are. You can be a child exploring or enjoying your surroundings, or you can be a carefree grownup. Ignorance is invisible, but yet can kill. It’s smaller than other killers, like STD’s, bacteria, and viruses. If you’re not careful with ignorance, you’re not careful with your life. I could be called ignorant, since I wasn’t careful with my life. According to my parents, I was a hard headed kid, literally. My head was very resistant when it came to pain. It was hard for me to cry when it came to head pains. I used to run into walls and
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Unformatted text preview: wouldnt even cry. Things, like books, would fall onto my head sometimes and I would still not cry. I remember wondering why my brother would cry when he would accidentally bump his head into something, like a table or even me. I also remember falling down the stairs and hitting my head, but it didnt affect me. It felt so fun that I actually went up to fall again. In the mind of a child, fun things never seem dangerous. But in the mind of older people, fun might lead to pain, trouble, or even death. So what is the cause of ignorance? The cause lies in the mind. Ignorance might be caused due to the lack of experience one has, but may also be caused by the fact that one knows something has little or no effect on him at all. ....
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