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20061010 Final Draft of Essay 2

20061010 Final Draft of Essay 2 - Willis Thai EN1014 Final...

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Willis Thai EN1014 10/10/06 Final Draft of Essay 2 Once I was manipulated by the mind of a child; now maturity has reached me. Whether or not the manipulation was a good thing, it made me regret being who I was once was. A great number of people are not different because of me. I may have been normal, or I may have been different, but one thing’s for sure; my life wasn’t simple at all. I was a very troublesome kid; even my family would agree. When I was little, around 15 of my family members lived in the same house, so they would take care of me. They said I used to cry a lot, much more than the average kid. I agree with them because I was the one that was crying and looking back at those times, it does seem like a lot. I would always knock things down on purpose when I cried, although I guess that’s considered normal for kids. And I would also annoy everyone. When there were sitting on sofas, I would actually climb behind them and kick them off the sofa. I would also disobey them and start hitting them.
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