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20061114 Final Draft of Essay 6

20061114 Final Draft of Essay 6 - Willis Thai EN1014"In...

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Willis Thai EN1014 11/14/06 “In Order To Make It Into College, I Had To Pass Through Many Challenges” In order to get into college, I had to pass through many challenges, whether educational, emotional, or psychological. Some challenges included leaving many of my friends, surviving summer school, taking many important tests, making it through a tough high school, and losing most of my social life. Usually when I graduated from a school, I would go on to a school with hardly anyone I knew. When I left my elementary school of P.S. 247, I was the only one that went to McKinley Junior High. I was by myself and had to make friends all over again. When graduating McKinley, I was one of the few kids that made it into Brooklyn Tech. During the first week of school, I would only hand out with one or two people. Some of my friends from elementary school made it into Tech also, but they had different personalities, many of which I didn’t like. I ended up making new friends again. Coming into Polytechnic University was one of the most emotional challenges I had. Brooklyn Tech had thousands of kids, hundreds of which I became friends with. I was one of the
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