4.29.08 Final Draft of Final Essay

4.29.08 Final Draft of Final Essay - Willis Thai EN2114...

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Willis Thai EN2114 Love in Blake’s Eyes 4/28/08 Sorry about the color. I ran out of black ink. At least red matches the topic of my essay. In William Blake’s “The Clod and the Pebble”, “The Garden of Love”, “My Pretty Rose Tree”, and “The Lilly” he represents love through objects and also alternates between contrasting ideas. The objects in these poems are personified as well, putting human feelings into them. The difference in these poems however, is the way that each poem expresses its contrasting ideas, which gives the turning points in these poems. In “My Pretty Rose Tree” there is a personification of the Rose-tree. In the last two lines, the Rose is said to have “turned away with jealousy”. The first sign of personification is this turning away. Although plants are able to move, they are not able to move quickly at will. The other sign of personification is the plant’s feeling of jealousy. Jealousy is a feeling that animals have when feeling resentment against another because of that animal’s success. This feeling is apparent after the speaker receives a flower “as May never bore” from an unknown source. Although the speaker rejects the flower, the Rose still feels jealous. Plants, such as the Rose in the poem, are not animals and, therefore, should not have these feelings. In “The Lilly” there are three objects being personified. The Rose is given modesty, the Sheep is given humbleness, and the Lilly delights in Love. Both the Rose and the Sheep are also given an action in which they appear to be in a form of attack or defense. The Rose “puts forth” a thorn, while the Sheep puts forth a “threatning horn”. The action that the Lilly engages in is the delighting, or enjoying, of Love. In “The Clod and the Pebble”, there are two main objects. There is a clod of clay and a pebble of the brook. There is not much personification of these two objects other than their
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ability to sing. The clod of clay sings in support of love while the pebble of the brook sings in
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4.29.08 Final Draft of Final Essay - Willis Thai EN2114...

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